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Wood Destroying Insects

There are 4 main types of wood destroying insects in our area of Ohio:  Termites, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and powder-post beetles. Whether you are purchasing a home or looking to protect the home you already own, it’s a great idea to get a wood destroying insect inspection.  We have great rates on pre-purchase W.D.I. Certifications (otherwise known as form NPMA-33), and offer free inspections to homeowners who just want a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection.  Termites alone cause over 5 billion (yes billion) dollars a year in property damage.  We offer comprehensive services to take care of each of these groups.


Every termite treatment performed by ProKill has consisted of a Termidor SC application.  We have a 100% success rate with this product and give a 5 year Warranty on every termite job!  See Termite page for further detail.


Carpenter ants used to be a difficult pest to eradicate due to the low success rate in finding their colonies.  They don’t eat wood as termites do, but instead excavate it to make room for their colony.  Often times they are in a wall or part of a home where it may be impractical to find or directly introduce a pesticide to immediately kill the nesting colony.  Our answer is to use Non-repellants around the perimeters of the home resulting in the carpenter ants not knowing to avoid the application.  They wind up tracking through it and passing it to all other members of their colony, resulting in complete colony elimination.  We guarantee it for 1 year so you can bet ProKill can fix your carpenter ant problem regardless of severity!


Carpenter bees bore nearly perfect holes that are approximately ½ inch in diameter.  Their entry holes will usually be in trim boards, rafter, door header, log, or deck rail and take a 90 degree turn just inside the opening.  Carpenter bees will place several layers of tunnels in the wood of and around your home to make space to lay their eggs.  Usually, wood peckers will hear the larva in the tunnels and attack your home in an attempt to find and eat the young carpenter bees.  The result is usually rather unsightly and expensive to repair, especially on log homes.  ProKill is very effective at eliminating carpenter bees but some long term planning will need to be discussed and we will gladly advise you properly on how to NOT have to fight them every single year.


Powder-post beetles come in more than 1 variety in our area but the treatment is proven and effective.  They bore very small holes in wood that has too high of a moisture content and can quickly turn beams into powder.  They are often un-noticed though, resulting in what are too frequently HUGE repair bills.  It is not uncommon for excessive moisture under a home to team up with the beetles and effectively ruin the entire floor and sub-floor structures under homes.  It’s a shame to see what they can do to a home in a relatively short period of time when the right conditions are present. 

With the use of the most effective pesticide on the market coupled with our unmatched dedication to serving our client, failure for us is not an option. We offer a worry free 10 year guarantee to all of our Termite customers and have never failed to eliminate a termite infestation on the first attempt. That's Performance!

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