With the use of the most effective pesticide on the market coupled with our unmatched dedication to serving our client, failure for us is not an option. We offer a worry free 10 year guarantee to all of our Termite customers and have never failed to eliminate a termite infestation on the first attempt. That's Performance!

​​There is a lot of confusion and misinterpretations out there these days when it comes to bed bugs. Bed Bugs are an insect that has been around for millions of years, preying on unsuspecting victims while they sleep, sit or rest for a period of time. Over the past decade they have been making a steep climb to become one of the most widespread pest epidemics of our generation. 

There are a few reasons for this. There are 3 strains of bed bugs in our area, with each having slight variations in their genetic makeups. 2 of the strains are easy enough to kill so that any company with enough knowledge, experience, time, and effective pesticides can probably eliminate them from your home. The biggest problem with using most pest control companies is their choice in pesticides (cheaper is almost never better). What we use is approximately 12 times more expensive for us than what they use, but it’s worth it. The 3rd strain is the worst by far. Improper use of normal, repellant insecticides by both homeowners and incapable pest control companies has made this strain up to 1,000-fold resistant to the active ingredients most commonly used. The result is catastrophic for those attempting to finally be rid of these nightmare inducing pests. The toll to finances and emotions are often more than some weary victims can afford. 

Within 6 months of beginning to perform bed bug treatments we realized that using the standard repellent insecticides was pointless if the goal was to eliminate every infestation we encountered. Sure, 75-80% of the time we got rid of them within 1 or 2 treatments, but those customers with the resistant strain were still having issues after many treatments. We could have fallen back on the usual excuse used by lesser companies and just told the customer there was no way to completely get rid of bed bugs every time, but we didn’t.

We researched, studied and experimented with every combination of available pesticides that made sense given the problems at hand. The key piece was understanding that all bed bugs, not just the resistant strain, can tell where most pesticides are sprayed. Being tolerant, the bugs just avoid them (by hiding in better and deeper spots) until the repellency weakens as well as the lethality. This is why it is so common for bed bugs to seem as though they are completely killed off after most pesticide applications. Ultimately though, the pesticide will begin to fail anywhere from a week to 2 months later and the homeowner realizes they still have the problem when the bed bugs re-emerge and begin biting again.

This led us to try non-repellent pesticides which are similar to the flea and tick drops that go on the back of the necks of pets. They work because insects are not aware they are there and they have very long residuals compared to the norm. Being a newer class of chemical, there is no immunity to them. NONE. So the same bed bug that would laugh at that stuff you might buy at the big box store and spray yourself, or what your last failed exterminator applied, would find himself permanently dead within weeks of our application of the good stuff.

The right chemical is not the only ingredient necessary to make our recipe for bed bug elimination to work. We have found that most other treatments are not thorough enough, often extending not much farther than the obviously affected furniture and a few baseboards. Very commonly other companies will sell jobs on a per room basis. This makes it appear more affordable to the customer but in all reality it is almost impossible to find bed bugs the first 2 to 3 months they are in a room. The usual result is the offending company gets paid multiple times to treat different areas of the house, usually totaling far more expense than a proper treatment ever would have and ultimately never eliminating the infestation either. We believe that half-hearted efforts get half-hearted results. Is it any wonder your last exterminator won’t give you a real Guarantee? It pays well not to! This offends us!

We truly are in business to serve our fellow man and it pains us to see others taken advantage of, especially in this area which is so stressful and devastating to people. There is an answer. Prokill can and will eliminate your Bed bug woes and we have a 1 year Guarantee to prove it! Can your bug guy say that? What has he done for you lately?

Prokill’s bed bug treatment kills eggs on contact unlike most other pesticides, and eggs that do hatch will result in dead ‘babies’ within 2 or 3 days, breaking the life cycle and ensuring colony elimination. Combine that with the effect of our chosen chemical and the result is usually 90 to 95 % kill on day 1, with all remaining bed bugs dead within 2 or 3 weeks. In about 1/3 of our cases bites and sightings stop on day 1 with the determining factor being proper preparation. 
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