With the use of the most effective pesticide on the market coupled with our unmatched dedication to serving our client, failure for us is not an option. We offer a worry free 10 year guarantee to all of our Termite customers and have never failed to eliminate a termite infestation on the first attempt. That's Performance!

The easiest way to find out if you have termites usually happens by accident. Every year termite colonies send out their reproductive class called swarmer's. Swarmer's are a winged, black, and about a half an inch long in total length.  It takes the average colony about 3 years to produce swarmer's. If you see them near or inside your home then that in itself is considered signs of an ongoing infestation


Termite mud tubing on the inside or outside of a structure: Termite mud tubing looks exactly how it sounds.  It is a tube ¼ of an inch or larger that they travel through to get to food and water or to let swarmer's out of the colony and into your world.

Damaged wood:  Termites eat wood from the inside out in layers.  Hollow sounding or weak looking
wood should be further inspected by a professional.

Live termites:  A normal worker termite looks similar to an ant but is a cream color or white. They are usually found while doing renovations or repairs on the home, in termite tunnels or damage, or chewing holes through drywall or wood trim. 

If you find any of these signs around a home or structure contact ProKill Termite and Pest Control
for a free inspection to check the full extent of the damage.
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